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To be a global, innovative, growing, reliable company which its stakeholders are proud of what it has accomplished in the field of construction and contracting and real estate development. To resume its work of increasing the value of its respected, reliable and preferred brand by prioritizing always the customer satisfaction at the higher level with its products and services of international quality standards.


Grow with an investor identity by carrying important innovative projects delivering social and economic benefits to the fields of business. To provide service with a sense of corporate quality generated within the framework of a wide knowledge, using modern technology, human-resource planning with professionals by implementing policies of investment formed on the grounds of being a leader to make difference;

Focusing on the fields of construction and contracting and real estate development;

  • Complying with international quality standards of construction and contracting
  • By constantly improving its capabilities through an optimum quality-price understanding,
  • Designing projects of living quarters with the awareness of environmental and social responsibility as a determinant of the industry’s future shape.